a female owned and operated retreat for submissives, fetishists, and masochists.

Latterly, there has been a total shift in the way that Mistress Annabel works with an absolute move away from open accessibility. Here is what Mistress Annabel has to say:

“I am not seeking a disposable relationship with any of those that grace my premises. I am only looking for something much more worthwhile and articulate. I am only interested in engaging with a select few polite and respectful individuals that are seeking something special and rare. My studio is totally self-contained and based in one of London's best neighbourhoods and you discretion is guaranteed. Those who do not appreciate my boundaries of discretion and integrity will not be invited into my private world. Are you disillusioned with the vast majority of professional dominants? Do you feel marginalised by the level of confidentiality afforded to you?”

“If so, I offer a safe-haven to explore your fantasies and fetish dreams.”

Application for an audience with Mistress Annabel is by one method only – fully encrypted email. There will no longer be a published telephone number for contact, ensuring your discretion and that of Mistress is totally guaranteed.

creative_intelligentsia [at] hushmail.com

Please note, Mistress Annabel's DOES NOT provide: adult baby play, age-play, sexual intercourse, intimate body worship, smoking fetish, hard-sports, roman showers, protracted fantasy roleplay, animal play, or anything where the risk outweighs the reward of the session, and finally no illegal activities. Only those over the age of 21 years may apply to see Mistress Annabel.

Please familiarise yourself with Mistress Annabel's fee structure / tribute, before making any application for a professional session.

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