The Clinic is a sterile and austere place where a myriad of medical treatments no matter how complex of bizarre can take place. An illustrious array of medical instruments gleam through the glass of two free standing display cabinets. Cold green filters cast light on the stainless steel and white leather furniture. A holding cell and suspension bar will keep you restrained and on your toes should Mistress aka Dr Sadistra decide so.

Sensation overload is encourage through hypnosis, mental control, total control and forced feeding. Should your limits allow Dr Sadistra will exert deftness and cunning to make you Her willing victim!

Breath control and anaesthesia treatments undertaken with aptitude and intergrity. Please note, I do not advocate the use of chloroform in my sessions. I have been conducting breath-control play for the last nine years, and am qualified in CPR for all eventualities.

• Now available:
• Exciting new developments with the advent of even more electrodes.
• Ever experienced an HFO via remote control?
• Full ensuite shower facilites.
• Full toilet training (w/s & h/s) and all kinds of kinky enema treatments!
• Viagra enemas for wimps with worm like forms!

Dare you book a medical?

Mistress Annabel

The mirrored Klinik is an austere place, air conditioned, and filled with dry ice. Cold steel theatre instruments vie for attention, electrical boxes flash, as violet wands throw sparks across the body.

Pain sluts will enjoy the range of medical adventures offered by Dr. Annabel Sadistra, a.k.a. 'The Bitch Doctor'.

Needles, sutures, hot creams, metal toys, and suction devices allow an excellent array of medical procedures to take place.

Bondage bliss can be attained with ease, secured to my white leather gyno-bench (with stirrups and wet tray). 

For the more advanced player, why not try a really invasive enema treatment (many different solutions will be prescribed to give different sensations deep inside the rectum), followed by some exquisite back-door play. Dildos and butt-plugs from the size of a little finger, right up to eye-wateringly huge! There are several new electrical butt-plugs, which have arrived that will electricfy your enema sensations.

Later, Doctor Sadistra may administer some light anaesthetic and strap the patient into the large, imposing, white leather electric chair, complete with barbed headcage used by Doctor in exceptional circumstances. Mental reprogramming or orgasmic tease-and-denial may be used to unlock your darkest secrets.

Wimps and mummy's boys may be forced into adult size nappies after a correctional enema is administered.

TV training is also undertaken with style and skill. For TV sluts who wish to experience a full gynacological checkup, this Bitch Doctor will need to give you a thorough going over.

Deep use of speculums (one use disposable) and prothescopes in cold-steel will make you compliant to the core of your being. For more advanced patients fisting and golden enema treatments can be prescribed. The Venus 2000 Milking Machine is highly effective at milking you dry for my perverse satisfaction.

The Clinic has a huge ceiling-height mirror, should you wish to enjoy watching your treatments taking place.

All equipment in the Clinic belongs to Mistress and includes:

• Neck corsets, padded leather hoods, straitjackets (in both rubber and leather), institutional restraints, padded white rubber bondage mittens,

• A massive array of enema equipment (including douche syringe 10oz, Bulb Syringe 26oz, double and single balloon enema nozzles, three different gravity-feed enema bags (in sizes 3 quart, 5 quart, and 1 gallon), a full set of fixed enema nozzles (in different sizes, thicknesses and lengths), single-use pre-packed enema bags (with nozzle and tubing - extra charge for this), large chrome enema syringe (looks really hot!), electric enema pump by Fetters (provides a different form of delivery for enema treatments).

• Catheters (pre-packed single-use sterile) all gauges (both foley balloon and normal), stomach catheters (by Demask), pre-packed single-use sterile lubricant, leg bags for collection of urine (for total control!), sounds (static and vibrating) in all gauges.

• Massive range of electrics (7 Boxes, 30 attachements, including: cock, vagina, balls, urethra, nipples, and rectum - too many different variations to mention), a fantastic array of violet wands, and three different types of anal electrical attachments. Recently aquired, Mistress has a new hightly exciting "cattle prod".

• A range of nipple attachments (sensual to severe), plus electrics for the feet (including between the toes)!

• Rebreathing tubes and bags in may sizes (2L, 3L, and 5L), rubber resucitator with mouth piece, unique strangulation-and-rebreather hood in black rubber (manufactured by Regualtion to my own design), forced inhalation hoods for aromas or smoking!

• Needles all lengths and guages (single use prepacked sterile), epidural needles, sutures (Nurse Sadistra likes to modify your body!), sterile staples.

• Dildos and Butt Plugs in all lengths and thicknesses from very small (for wimps and virgins) up to huge.

• Unique custom-mixed lubricants for different sensations, sterile single-use prepacked lube, strap-on harnesses.

• Clingfilm and saran wrap for mummification, horse bandage (the sticky stuff), plasters in all sizes (great for keeping your mouth closed!), traditional bandages, nose hooks and nose tubes.

• Chastity devices (CB2000, CB3000, plus medieval chastity device).

• Many items for CBT and NT (including ball and nipple weights in every size, wartenberg wheel (both electric and regular), hot+cold creams, gags (including fixed Jennings gag and inflatable gags), razors, forceps, and vibrators.

• Various aromas and anaesthetic treatments (many unique to Mistress's Clinic) further information upon request.

• NovoPro 100 and Hypnosis for total mental control.

• Venus 2000 milking machine.

Twisted Clinic

• Full toilet training. Both watersports and kaviar delivered in the most deliciously devient ways. Enforced consumption for those needing direction.

Dare you become an in-patient at The Clinic and see how Dr Sadistra will transform you into a human sensation toy? Should you be errant, hard traditional discipline can be sanctioned with your release time at the Clinic delayed and more invasive treatments administered.

All equipment in my clinic is sterile, pre-packed, and disposable. Theatre instruments are all sterilised using hospital grade cold sterilisation techniques.

Now open, the new Medical Asylum room, with holding cell, for those wishing to experience more invasive physical and mental treatments. There are many options for your body to be naked, clad completely in latex, fixed contorted or mummified in horse bandage, or masked and anaesthetised ready for surgery! Head-shaving and semi-permanant branding, coupled with hypnosis for those who wish to endure modification of both body and mind!

Further information available on request. You will need to indicate any medication currently prescribed as some of my treatments have contra indications.

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Mistress Annabel