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London Rubber Mistress Annabel, heavy rubber, rubber doll training, transformation, latex fetishes, finest UK rubber studio, total enclosure, sensation overload, London.

UK premier rubber Mistress for heavy rubber and latex fetish, rubber doll training, rubber fetish clinic procedures, London rubber studio and fetish clinic, the UK's finest rubber, latex, gummi Mistress fantasy facility in Central London.

My decadent rubber world is based in London's über-chic Kensington. Are you ready to descend the stairs and be beckoned deep under ground to a place where time stands still and your rubber fetishes and latex dreams can come true?! I am your rubber goddess and beautiful bizarre rubber woman, unbridled in My dominance and passion for all forms of rubber fetishism, which will take you way, way beyond your expectations. Are you ready for this?

Rubber Mistress is the Domain of Mistress Annabel, London Rubber Mistress par Excellence, Central London UK.

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Mistress Annabel: Rubber Queen! | June 2015

For discretion, audio is muted. You can enable it by clicking on the speaker icon when you roll over the video.

Into the Darkness 3
featuring Serious Kit Pulsating Rubber Vacuum Suit + E-Stim Apertures & Serious Kit Pulsating Vacuum Hood!

Within the following pages you will see unfold information on my vast collection of rubber inflatables, deflatables, vacuum bags and bed, body bags, rubber doll/slut wear (torpedo tits, corsets, vaginas), gas masks, hoods, rubber boots, stockings, punishment pants, sheaths, gloves, uniforms (all sizes) and catsuits.

I have further honed my experience and intellect towards the areas that are of particular regard to myself; rubber/latex being one of them. I offer you an intuitive experience within my world of rubber, comparable to no other. My chambers are a total rubber self-indulgance! My raison d'etre is to develop your fetishes and interests to focus your mind and find out so much more about yourself and your fetishes - all for my perverse pleasure!

I understand and adore the sensations associated with encasement and bondage. Dominance is so exciting for me when you become my toy, my plaything, my sub.

Whether it be total enclosure or even more complex scenario you're well catered for at my secret London retreat. My exclusive London rubber studio is used only by Myself, and I have built a real wonderland of latex, gummi, rubber for you to explore with Mistress Annabel in full control. I can confidentially assert that My London rubber studio has been built with a supreme attention to detail, covering all my areas of interest, including breath control, gummi-klinik, rubber bondage, rubber doll training, and hypno-Domme par excellence. Mistress can confidently assert that it is the premier location in the UK for rubber fetishists and those who are rubber curious. Your stay is never scripted, my many years of experience within the scene and wealth of technical knowledge will work together to create a wonderful juxtaposition if desired of pain and pleasure.

I can confidently assert, with genuine enthusiasm, I have one of the best collections of rubber/latex/gummi in the UK and undoubtedly the premier collection in London. Guaranteed! Integrity and a relaxed demeanour await you. Spotlessly clean yet intimate chambers mean your times within my walls are always something to remember with great excitement.

Every inch of my premises is female owned, operated, and overseen. Each room is exceptional, and unparalelled in the UK. My understanding of latex/rubber and associated fetishes is built on skill and solid intellect. My erotic mind is like no other - when you are under my spell in the chamber... nothing else will matter! Even if you have not returned for some time, you will find my toy collection and latex accretion mindblowing. Furthermore, I promise you a safehaven of decadance, where honesty and discretion are always maintained. I believe that one's right to a private life is absolutely inviolate, and expect the same in return. My fees are at the upper-end of the scale, and one should budget to pay a tribute in the range of two-hundred and forty per hour, depending on the complexity and style of play, and whether medical disposables or gasses are being used.

I will always make it the rule, rather than the exception, to provide uncompromising elegance and luxury and a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, where you can indulge your most private latex and BDSM fetishes. The subterranean space will encompass you and time will be lost in motion...

Into the Darkness 4
featuring Serious Kit Dual Milker!

As a lover of rubber and a fellow fetishist, this continually evolving site is a gift to the rubberist community and bondage lovers everywhere. Pain sluts and masochists will also find themselves well liked and respected and supremely tormented within my chambers. Where shall we begin?

Edward's Journey

Read about Edward's experiences, a highly intelligent latex-fetishist, who came to me to commence his journey and find out more about himself through exploration of his psyche.

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